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Anam Wellness Offerings

It is Time to Choose YOU!

We are here to answer questions about our services
Duration: 15 Minutes

1:1 Yoga provides support specific to you. Online or in-person

Unlock the power of your breath to heal and transform!
Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

A weekly practice to help release grief stored in your body.
Duration: 1 Hour

2024 Workshops.
Duration: 1 Hour

Sacred Drum Making with Terri, who is a ceremony leader, Spiritual advisor, Sacred Drum Builder and Sacred Rattle maker. She has been serving in this way for over 30 years. 

The book, “We Are In the Middle of Forever” By Dahr Jamail & Stan Rushworth features a chapter with Terri’s teachings on the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. 

She is also in the documentary film by Andrea Sparrow “ Temptation of Trees”.

Duration: 4 Hours

Open to those who have utilized KAP with us or elsewhere!
Duration: 1 Hour

4 Session Series 6/1, 6/8. 6/15, 6/22
Duration: 1 Hour

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