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The Flowing with Grief session is designed to help individuals engage with their grief through physical movement and breathwork, allowing for the emotional release of grief stored within the body. Each 60-minute session focuses on various aspects of grief through yoga practices not aimed at enhancing strength or flexibility but rather at nurturing the emotional self and our physical manifestations of grief. It combines elements from various yoga traditions like vinyasa, kundalini, laughter, and restorative yoga, along with dance movement therapy. These sessions conclude with a period dedicated to journaling or reflective practice. This weekly session aims to harmonize our physical selves with our experiences of loss and the current phase of our lives, fostering a deeper connection with our hearts, our spiritual selves, and the memory of our departed loved ones.This yoga practice is accessible to all, requiring no prior yoga experience. It can be performed seated or on a yoga mat. Participants are encouraged to bring any props that enhance their comfort, such as mats, blankets, pillows/bolsters, and blocks, and to wear clothing that allows for easy movement.


Flowing with Grief

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Waivers will be available on the day of your class, but you can fill it out HERE if it is easier! You only need to fill it out once.

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