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Hey There, I am Meg!

Meg Tobin, Owner

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Languages: English


Also owner of Breathing Space Psychotherapy


I am thrilled you have found your way here!


My role at Anam Wellness is to support our practitioners.  I am mostly a behind-the-scenes girl here. I will also be facilitating day-long and residential workshops and retreats for a deep dive into (and back out of) the sticky and challenging parts of our lives.  Please feel free to let us know what topics and issues you would be interested in by emailing me here


In selecting the practitioners to serve you at Anam Wellness, I looked for people who have "walked the walk" and know, from the inside out, the depth of transformation possible in life.  Each has a special magic they bring to their work - a magic that comes from discovering the power of their craft through utilizing it in their own healing and recovery. That is how we shine the light on your path. We swam deeply in the mucky waters of our own pain, loss, trauma, and addiction. Touching those shadowy places within, healing, and loving ourselves through it allows us to approach this work from a place of true knowing.  Know this: your capacity to be present with and truly feel your difficult feelings is directly equal to the capacity you have to love and feel joy. The deeper we bravely go into the shadows of ourselves, the more our relationships, life, and world open up.  

Personal Information:

I am originally from Connecticut and still have a teeny, tiny cottage on Long Island Sound. That is where my soul is truly at rest. Sailing my Sunfish when the wind is screaming and sitting in the sand chatting with life-long friends are equally restorative to me. I have also been known to take midnight, full-moon kayak paddles with various members of my family.  My husband and four children are my reason for everything I do. I am humbled and honored that they all chose me. The daily job of mothering is my biggest passion in life and my heart is happy when these busy teens gather around the table. We love to play cards, dominoes and board games and only a couple of us (ahem) are very competitive! 

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