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Hi there! I'm Melissa

Melissa Jacobs

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

Languages: English



I am Melissa Jacobs. 


In my quest for purpose, I, like countless others, have dedicated significant time to introspection. While I have experienced triumphs in discovering my calling, there have also been setbacks and periods of uncertainty as the chapters of my life unfolded. Nevertheless, a constant beacon guiding me is my passion for promoting health and well-being, and the fulfillment derived from assisting others in their pursuit of vitality and contentment.

I specialize in assisting individuals in achieving a harmonious balance in their lives. As a certified life and health coach with extensive experience in social work, I have dedicated years to supporting and guiding individuals through challenging situations. I understand the importance of passion and purpose in sustaining motivation during tough times. Additionally, I hold certifications in Conscious Connected Breathwork, Level 2 Reiki, and POUND fitness among others. My objective is to impart the valuable tools and techniques I have acquired to promote wellness globally. Let us make the most of our singular existence by nurturing our bodies and creating an extraordinary life experience. - Melissa

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