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More About Us

Anam Wellness has been a dream in the making for many years!  The time was never quite right until now.  In May of 2021, the pieces and the practitioners came together through heartfelt discussions, inspired connections, and passionate dreaming! We have a shared commitment to success, in whatever way you define it.


At Anam Wellness, each practitioner started with self-healing.  We have learned along the way that life is friggin' hard, however, there are creative and clear ways to get to the beauty and ease. 


And here is the truth:  We do not do this healing work on our own and you don't have to either! You get to have support to navigate this life and encouragement to tweak your focus to take in the light and beauty as well.  


All of our practitioners have years of experience in their fields and have a shared mission to help you cope with struggles, crush limiting beliefs and find your wings. It truly would be an honor to do this work with you!

We are located in Central New York with virtual services throughout the world.  

Learn more about our offerings here.


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