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Psychedelic Integration Circles

Experience Profound Healing and Growth: Discover the Power of Psychedelic Integration

Our Psychedelic Integration Circles are uniquely tailored for those who have embarked on psychedelic (Ket specifically) journeys and seek to meaningfully incorporate their experiences into their lives. Journeys offer a profound shift in perspective and our circles create a space for understanding, acceptance, and transformation.

Ocean Rocks

Benefits of Integration Work


Enhanced Emotional Resilience

Learn to navigate and process complex emotions and traumas revealed through psychedelics, leading to stronger emotional health.


Cognitive Flexibility

Psychedelic experiences can offer new perspectives and dissolve rigid thought patterns. Integration helps solidify these shifts, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and open-mindedness.


Spiritual Connectivity

Integrate the profound spiritual or existential revelations encountered in psychedelic states, enriching your sense of purpose and connection to the universe.


Improved Relationships

By understanding and integrating your experiences, you can foster deeper empathy, communication, and bonds with those around you.


Holistic Well-being

Integration supports not just mental health, but also physical and spiritual well-being, by encouraging practices that align with your insights, such as mindfulness, meditation, and self-care routines.

Embarking on a psychedelic journey can be transformative, but integrating those experiences is where true growth occurs. Join our Psychedelic Integration Circles to navigate this path with support, wisdom, and community. Transform your insights into lasting change, and live a life more aligned with your deepest truths and highest potential.

Please note that though facilitated by licensed professionals, these are support groups, not therapy groups.
Tuesday groups - Amelia Peterson, LMHC
Wednesday groups - Meg Tobin, LMHC
Sunday groups - Melissa Compton, LMHC, LCAT

What to Expect


Expert Facilitation:

Our circles are led by seasoned professionals skilled in psychedelic integration, ensuring a respectful, informed, and empathetic environment.


Deepened Understanding:

Delve into the symbolic and emotional depths of your psychedelic experiences, uncovering insights that foster personal evolution.


Integration Skills: Acquire specific techniques for bridging the gap between your psychedelic experiences and everyday reality, turning insight into action.Integration Skills: Acquire specific techniques for bridging the gap between your psychedelic experiences and everyday reality, turning insight into action.

Psychedelic Integration Circles

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