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Yoga, Sound, and Kirtan Chant Workshops

By Megan Hook

Investment: $125 for one, $200 for both

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Centering Resilience and Joy:
Mindfulness, Yoga and Sound

MAY 19, 2024 9a-12p

This three-hour workshop will focus on three modalities. We will start with grounding mindfulness
practices, go into yoga/movement designed to center and free the body, mind, and spirit, and end with a
deeply relaxing sound bath. The sound bath will include crystal bowls, gongs, Himalayan bowls, chimes, tanpura, mantra, and more.

Entering the World of Nada Yoga: Pranayama, Yoga, Sacred Mantra and Kirtan

MAY 19, 2024 1p-4p

This workshop will open us to the world of Nāda Yoga, the Yoga of sound. Nada Yoga is a deep and transformation practice that is present in almost all yogic practices: pranayama, asana, yoga nidra, and beyond. Nada Yoga is also seminal in understanding the Asthanga Yoga - the 8 limbs of yoga. This workshop will offer an experiential way to enter Nāda Yoga, we will open with pranayama, meditation, and movement/asana. The bulk of our time will be spent chanting, no experience necessary. Megan will guide you at each step, starting gently with humming and moving into sacred chants from different traditions. We will end with a mini sound bath to integrate what has been experienced.

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Centering Resilience and Joy



May 19 from 9a-12p

Valid until canceled

Three-hour workshop: mindfulness, movement, and sound bath.

Best Value

Megan Hook Yoga/Sound/Kirtan/Nada



Both workshops on May 19.

Valid until canceled

Entering the World of Nada Yoga



May 19 from 1p-4p

Valid until canceled

Three-hour workshop: Pranayama, Yoga, Sacred Mantra

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