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At Anam Wellness,

we want you to thrive! 

Anam (AH-nam) means "soul" in the Irish language. At Anam Wellness, we want to help you reach your soul's desires and purpose. We offer individual and group support to help you reach your goals and step into your best self!  Whether you are seeking help with performance issues, fears, healthy eating, limiting beliefs, or procrastination, we are here to help you move on and move forth!  From Life Coaching and EFT Tapping to Nutrition Coaching and Support Groups in Recovery, Grief, and Mindfulness, our goal is to offer you solutions specific to your life and needs. We are located in the Syracuse, NY area and offer both in-person and online services so you can take advantage of what our practitioners have to offer from anywhere in the world! 

Anam Wellness offers package deals and payment plans designed to help you prioritize your wellness! 


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