Rebecca Reardon, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

Language: English


As a single mom in her 40s, Rebecca has lived a lot of life herself. There has been struggle and growth, questioning and discovery, pain and peace. Sharing and building on her own life experiences is the authentic space that her coaching practice flows from. 

Focus Areas

  • Self-Care/Self Love

  • Body Image/Confidence

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Mom-Life Balance

  • Divorce

  • Yoga

  • The art of Rest 


As a coach, Rebecca is there to walk alongside you while you uncover your own greatness in the present moment, create mindful practices to honor that greatness, and confidently step into a life you can be proud of and inspired by. This is not about "fixing" you, that would require the belief that you are broken. On the contrary, this is about resting in your true self. From the place of self-acceptance, ease, and an active honoring of who you are, the real deal creation of your dreams can begin. 


Of course, this is not all sunshine and rainbows. Accountability to your own heart can come with some discomfort and resistance. Rebecca's role is to keep you on the path that you have worked together to design. With a no BS honesty, an innate ability to create a safe environment for personal exploration, and a very human approach to laughing with life, Rebecca will help you move forward with purpose and clarity. 

Ideal Client

Someone who is devoted to their own evolution. 

Someone who has a willingness to wonder and dream. 

Someone who is ready for rigorous honesty.

Someone who will commit to the work. 

Someone is able to challenge themselves.

Someone who can have fun.

Someone who is open to the belief that being so hard on themselves will NOT get them where they want to be. 


Professionally, Rebecca's background is widespread and she brings a breadth of skill to her coaching and teaching which equip her to walk the walk right alongside her clients.   

Rebecca has:

  • A degree in education and classroom experience, which have informed her life as a teacher and as a student. 

  • Trained with and managed a life coaching training program *name of program* 

  • Completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Driftwood Yoga

  • Co-founded The Whole Mama, a mindfulness group for mothers

  • Experience as a case manager with homeless mothers and children

  • Created the thriving Three Trees Sway Retreat and Wellness Company


Personal Information

An original Long Island girl, Rebecca has been living in Central New York for 10 years. She is a mom to three independent, quirky, and soul-filled daughters. Her current dreams and goals include traveling and writing a book. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys practicing yoga, writing, and sitting by the fire in the winter or on her front porch in the summer ~ always with a good book.