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Hi! I'm Lacey! 

Lacey Roy, Nutrition Coach


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Languages other than English: Conversational American Sign Language 


Owner at Full Bodied Health


For the benefit of our clients, Anam Wellness has partnered with Full Bodied Health for Nutrition Coaching Services. 


At Full Bodied Health, we are conquering self-doubt, leaving no room for shame or guilt, sharing all the “know-how” and staying current as science develops. We’re creating a safe space for authenticity around food as we change the landscape of the nutrition industry. We are tired of your insecurities being preyed upon. It is not acceptable and we will offer you better! 

We educate our clients so you have the know-how (and the know-why!) to eat for maximum (natural!) energy and zest; how to walk into the grocery store feeling confident in choosing the RIGHT foods to crush your goals; how to understand REAL SCIENCE (no fads + crazy anecdotes); to put what you know into real life for your best health at any age.


We’re NOT: keeping trade secrets, holding information hostage, playing on insecurities to pad profits, charging a premium for half the knowledge, advocating what isn’t tried and true, placing business above people’s best interest.

My Focus Areas:


  • Weight Loss Surgery Alternative

  • Plant-Based Nutrition 

  • Women’s General Nutrition

  • Symptom Management through Nutrition (in collaboration with your physician or medical professional)

  • Coming Soon: Men’s General Nutrition

Ideal Client: 

Our clients are ready to learn the sneaky limiting beliefs they have and understand the emotions that are holding them back. We love a mind ready for something new (new flavors and ways to cook) and looking to bust out of the rut they are currently in.

Asking for help in this area can be intimidating and we appreciate your trust in us. As we talk openly about your starting point and goals, we so greatly appreciate your authenticity and honesty every step of the way so we can serve you best.




We take a multi-faceted approach that encompasses how we think and feel about food, in addition to the actual nutrition piece. Full Bodied Health’s nutrition coaching follows evidence-based science when building our Nutrition Itineraries (way beyond a  meal plan!) as our guide for living our healthiest life full of zest and energy. 

Science strongly shows increased health (both long and short term) as we shift towards a whole-food, plant-based diet. This does not mean vegetarian or vegan. Simply stated, we are shifting how much real estate certain foods have on our plate. 

Our team consists of nutrition coaches and collaborations with therapists of various specialties to offer the most well-rounded program so the changes you make become a lasting lifestyle. 


  • AADP Board Certified Holistic Nutrition

  • AFPA Certified Nutrition Coach

  • AFPA Certified Nutritionist 


Personal Information:


Lacey is a fiery redhead with a spirit for adventure. Currently residing in Central New York with her two teens, you can find her playing in the kitchen by following the laughter. 

Lacey watched close family members struggle with food and nutrition in various ways for years and experienced her own eating disorder as an older teen. Full Bodied Health is Lacey’s passion come to life:  food can be nourishing, delicious amazing-ness that doesn’t have to be wrapped in self-loathing-by-calories. 

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