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Hello! I am Eyzabeth!

Elyzabeth Gannon, EFT Tapping Practitioner

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Languages: English

Email: elyzabethgannon@yahoo.com

Owner at Elyzabeth Gannon EFT

My healing journey has been ongoing for the better part of 30 years and when I first experienced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), my entire life changed in one afternoon.  I began to discover how life experiences had imprinted themselves on how I understood and interacted with the world. I began to see and understand patterns and behaviors that no longer served me and interrupted the life I wanted to live. I began to understand that I had choices and the ability to free myself and that I did not have to live my life being ruled by my emotions. I was no longer held hostage by my emotions and fears.  My life became vastly different, my emotional resiliency began to grow exponentially, and I began to move about the world with a brand new freedom.

My Focus Areas:

  • Substance Abuse Recovery Support

  • Grief Support

Ideal Client:

My clients are committed to their recovery and are ready to be MORE happy, joyous, and free! They are willing to think outside of the box and incorporate their body in their healing.  Clients I work with are self-motivated and practice the skills taught in our sessions so they can be truly accountable for their lives.



When I made the decision to become an EFT practitioner, it was because I knew I had to share what had been so generously given to me and had changed my life so profoundly.  This is why I am here. I am here to help you develop your EFT techniques and practice and live a life of contentment.  I’m here to share my experience, strength, and hope, to listen to you, to guide you, and be an encourager in your journey.  

EFT is a gift and I want to share it with anyone who is interested. I will walk with you and work with you as you find your truth and discover those things that may be holding you back and/or blocking your blessings.  As a practitioner, honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, compassion, justice, perseverance, spiritual awareness, and service are my guiding principles. I am committed to creating a safe space for your healing.


Level I & II EFT Training, EFT Tapping Training Institute
Ph.D. (in progress), Higher Education Administration, New York University
M.A., Latin American and Caribbean Studies, State University of New York at Albany
B.A., Psychology and African American Studies, State University of New York at Albany

Personal Information:

I live in Syracuse, NY with my husband, our 17 year old son, our two dogs, and our two cats. We are working on becoming “46-ers” and climb peaks in the Adirondacks as often as possible.   
Family is everything to me and I am exceptionally loyal. Caring for our elderly parents has been the hardest and most gratifying experience of my life. Social justice has been my life’s work and I am fiercely committed to the Syracuse Community and the future of our residents.  My hobbies include painting, gardening, skiing, reading, and the outdoors. I love the four seasons and I love snow!